India Donates Bhabhatron-II Telecobalt Unit to Sri Lankan Hospital

23 September 2010

A tripartite agreement was signed today between the Governments of India and Sri Lanka through the IAEA's PACT for the donation of the Bhabhatron-II Telecobalt unit. This is the second donation by the Government of India. The first Bhabhatron II, donated to the Can Tho Oncology Hospital in Vietnam was inaugurated in April this year.

Radiotherapy treatment is an essential part of cancer treatment, and the donated machine will make it much more accessible to the patients in the region. The dedicated staff at the General Hospital in Hambanonta in Sri Lanka will be able to save lives and lessen the suffering of many cancer-stricken children, women and men. The machine will make a big difference in the daily care available to them and it is big step forward for the Sri Lankan cancer control efforts.

The government of Sri Lanka, through its Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, has made cancer control a national priority. As one of the eight PACT Model Demonstration Sites they have shown exemplary commitment to tackling this devastating disease. The IAEA-PACT and its partners will continue to work with the Ministry to establish Sri Lanka as a regional model for an integrated, sustainable, and comprehensive cancer control programme. This is in line with ongoing efforts of the Atomic Energy Authority and the Technical Cooperation Programme of the IAEA, which has provided assistance in cancer related areas to Sri Lanka, in the form of training, equipment, and expert services.