imPACT mission to Philipines, March 2011.
imPACT mission to Sudan, April 2012.
imPACT mission to Malaysia, September 2011.
imPACT mission to Nepal, October 2012.

imPACT Review

One of the greatest challenges developing countries face in fighting cancer is devising plans for building cancer control capacity. Cancer control goes beyond merely the diagnosis and treatment of cancer: it includes cancer control planning, prevention, cancer information, early detection, and palliative care. With limited resources, Ministries of Health in low-middle income (LMI) countries often face difficulties in assessing the most effective initiatives to start organized cancer control activities.

Through PACT, the IAEA helps Member States optimizing the investments made in cancer control through the imPACT Review, a cancer control assessment tool. imPACT Reviews help countries to swiftly and efficiently respond to the cancer crisis by providing an evaluation of a country's readiness to implement cancer control programmes, completing an assessment of the national cancer burden and providing recommendations on developing the cancer control capacity. The recommendations provided by the IAEA and its partners, through PACT, can then be used to devise or strengthen a National Cancer Control Programme, which will assist Member States in the development and implementation of effective measures that respond to the national cancer control needs.

imPACT map
Map of imPACTs to date.

To date, 59 countries have received an imPACT Review Mission