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The World Cancer Leaders' Summit provides the Case for Investment in Radiotherapy

22 December 2014

The World Cancer Leaders’ Summit brings together key decision makers from around the world and encourages debate on emerging issues related to cancer. The event aims at raising awareness among leading decision makers to ensure cancer is a global health priority. It also provides a forum to exchange information and innovative ideas on how to reverse the cancer epidemic and ensure a sustainable response. Read more →

Acting to End Cancer: Deputy Director General Aning attends 8th Stop Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer in Africa Conference (SCCA)

23 October 2014

Cancer is an emerging threat to public health throughout the African continent. Although infectious diseases continue to affect vulnerable populations, a notable increase in new cancer cases has been caused by factors related to economic development, including increased life expectancy, smoking, unhealthy diets, pollution, and physical inactivity. Yet, despite the growing burden which cancer represents, the disease continues to receive low public health priority in Africa. This is due in part to a lack of awareness regarding the current and future costs related to cancer among policymakers, national health agencies, and the general public. Read more →

Japan Expresses its Unwavering Support for the IAEA's Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT)

25 September 2014

On the occasion of the 58th IAEA General Conference, the Division of Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) organized a side event focused on the value of strategic partnerships in the fight against global cancer epidemic. The event was attended by the IAEA Director General, distinguished delegates from the IAEA Member States and representatives of international organizations. Read more →

IAEA and Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon enter into Practical Arrangement

21 August 2014

We cannot lose sight of the new Africa that’s emerging,” announced U.S. President Barack Obama as he inaugurated the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, the first event of its kind and the largest summit any American president has held with African heads-of-state. At a side event hosted by Mrs Michelle Obama and Mrs Laura Bush, entitled “Investing in Our Future” and attended by thirty African First Ladies, former U.S. President George W. Bush delivered a keynote address in support of his Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon initiative (PRRR) and to reach out to potential international partners, including the IAEA. Read more →

PACT Outlines Global Cancer Burden at UN Lions Day

24 March 2014

Upon invitation of the Lions Clubs of Austria, the IAEA participated in an event to commemorate the long-standing partnership between Lions and the United Nations on 21 March 2014. Over 150 Lions Clubs members, as well as representatives of Permanent Missions and staff of the Vienna-based Organizations marked UN Lions Day during an evening event at the Rathaus (city hall) in Vienna. Read more →

Fiji Seeks to Establish a Radiotherapy Facility to Improve Cancer Treatment

16 April 2014

Fiji has one of the highest death rates from breast and cervical cancer in the world, but has no radiotherapy services. Every year the Ministry of Health sends approximately 15-24 radiotherapy patients to India, New Zealand or Australia. Fiji has requested the IAEA's help to establish a radiotherapy facility to improve cancer treatment in the country. Read more →