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Death in the shade of world's attention

15 Dec 2006

Public concern about AIDS often drowns out all talk of the myriad other diseases faced by South Africans. AIDS is obviously a serious problem but its monopoly of the health debate has led to the neglect of simple things which could save millions of cancer and heart disease patients. Read more →

US Mission to the IAEA donates $500,000 to PACT

13 Nov 2006

During the September Board of Governors, Ambassador Schulte of the US Mission to the IAEA announced a donation of $500,000 to PACT and its activities in the field. The cheque was presented at a special PACT event on 21 September at the IAEA's 50th General Conference. Read more →

US National Cancer Institute donates $200,000 to PACT

21 Sep 2006

At a Meeting hosted by PACT during the IAEA's 50th General Conference Dr Mark Clanton, Deputy Director of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) announced the donation of $200,000 to the PACT programme for ongoing work in bringing cancer care to developing countries across the globe. Read more →